AWS (Windows)ΒΆ

This guide will setup a Windows based AWS instance that can be used for Pre-Processing, Solving and Post-Post Processing.

Start Instance Config

  1. To setup Amazon EC2, follow the instructions here

  2. Login to AWS Management Console

  3. Open the Services -> EC2 link to display the dashboard

  4. Click Launch Instance

Step 1: Choose AMI

Select Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base

Step 2: Choose an Instance Type

Scroll down to the Compute optimized instance types. Select the appropriate instance for your simulation. 16, 36, 72 core Compute Optimized instances are well suited for M-Star

Step 3: Configure Instance Details

If you will do post-processing on this instance, you should select Add GPU. Otherwise, click next.

Step 4: Add Storage

Increase the size of the Root volume. 500GB+.

Step 5: Add Tags

nothing to do here

Step 6: Configure Security Group

Create a rule with the following parameters:

  • Type: RDP

  • Protocol: TCP

  • Port Range: 3389

  • Source: My IP


Only use My IP as the Source for RDP connections

Step 7: Review Instance Launch

Double check your instance configuration.

Click Launch.

On the dialog box that pops up: * Select Create a new key pair * Name the key pair * Download Key pair (save it to your computer)

This key pair will be needed to connect to the instance

Click Launch Instances

Connecting to your instance

After about 5 minutes your instance should be ready.

  • Browse to the EC2 dashboard

  • Click Instances to show list of active instances

  • Right click on table row of instance to display Connect to your instance dialog box

  • Click Get Password

  • Browse to the key pair file (.pem) you downloaded

  • Password should be decrypted and displayed in the dialog box

  • Copy the login information (DNS, User Name, Password)

On your local PC:

  • Start up Remote Desktop Connection

  • Enter the DNS to connect

  • Accept the security window that may pop up (related to unknown certificates)

  • Enter user and password dialog

  • Connect to the machine

Setting up the instance

You should now be logged into the AWS instance via RDP as the Administrator user. You should now install the M-Star software as described in this manual.


To enable web browsing under windows server, you will need to open the Local Server configuration, and toggle the internet explorer setting