System Requirements

Operating systems supported

  • Windows 10

  • Windows Server 2016+

  • Centos 7

  • Redhat 7

  • Oracle 7

  • Ubuntu 18 and derivatives (eg. Linux Mint)

  • Ubuntu 20 and derivatives (eg. Linux Mint)

GPU Hardware Support

The M-Star Solver requires GPUs with Compute Capability 3.5 or newer. Most NVidia GPUs produced since 2014 will be compatible. For a complete list of compute capability, refer to NVidia CUDA GPU Capability List .

When multiple GPUs are in use, NVlink should always be installed between the GPUs to ensure top performance.

To execute multi-GPU jobs on Windows, the GPUs must support a feature called TCC Mode. Generally this feature is limited NVidia Quadro, Tesla, and TITAN products. Geforce tends not to have this feature. You should verify independently this specification if you intend to run multi-GPU jobs on Windows. Additionally, TCC mode requires dedicated usage for CUDA jobs, and may not be used for display. For example, you cannot put 2x V100 GPUs in TCC mode and plug one of them into your monitor. You must have a third GPU dedicated for display in that case.

Multi node jobs that span multiple comptuers are currently not supported on Windows. This type of workload is only supported under linux.


Multi-GPU jobs on Windows require TCC Mode. TCC Mode GPUs must only be used for CUDA jobs and may not be used for display purposes.

GPU Driver Support

  • Linux - NVidia driver version 418.39 or newer

  • Windows - NVidia driver version 418.96 or newer

NVidia Hardware Notes

Tesla based hardware

Whenever possible, we suggest using NVidia Tesla GPUs. This is enterprise grade equipment intended to be used for heavy computational loads. They have features such as TCC mode on windows, ECC memory, and higher memory capacity.

Quadro based hardware

These GPUs work fine and can be cost effective means to run M-Star

Geforce based hardware

These are the more consumer grade GPUs intended primarily for rendering 3D scenes. These are compatible with the solver and can be highly cost effective in regards to memory and CUDA cores. Multi-GPU use of Geforce hardware is generally limited to Linux.


Multi-GPU jobs with NVidia RTX 3090 is currently only supported on Linux

Minimum Requirement

For smaller simulation domain sizes, a basic setup as follows can be used.

  • CPU: Dual core or better

  • Memory: 16GB

  • Disk Space: 100GB

  • GPU: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060 6GB

Running on CPUs

This method of execution is still supported. It is not recommended to run on CPU due to the fact that GPUs, even consumer grade level ones, will always beat CPUs in performance. Additionally many advanced features in M-Star that use custom UDFs are not supported on CPU.


Strongly consider aquiring dedicated GPU