License Setup

M-Star Pre-Processor and Solver use RLM as the software licensing control mechanism. To determine your license type, please refer to your system admin or contract to determine your license type.

Temporary License File

Short term license file issued by M-Star for testing and troubleshooting. Not locked to a specific machine.

Standard License File

A license locked to specific computer(s). Sharing of licenses is not permitted.

  1. Request a standard license file by sending your MAC address of the form 00:00:00:a1:2b:cc to M-Star support.

  2. Receive the license file and do one of the following to install it

Option 1) Copy to install folder

  • Simply copy the license file to the application install folder. This will be c:\program files\M-Star on windows. On Linux, copy to the install folder , “bin” sub-directory.

Option 2) Environment variable

  • Place the license file wherever you like, eg. c:\licenses\mstar.lic .

  • Set the environment variable mstar_LICENSE=c:\licenses\mstar.lic .

Connecting to License Server

Set the environment variable with the format, mstar_LICENSE=PORT@HOST , where:

  • mstar_LICENSE Environment variable name

  • PORT Port number. 5053 by default. Configured in license server file.

  • HOST Host name or IP address of license server