M-Star CFD is a multi-physics modeling package used to simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, species transport, chemical reactions, particle transport, and rigid-body dynamics. M-Star CFD is developed, maintained, and supported by M-Star Simulations, LLC (“M-Star”), based in Maryland, USA.

M-Star CFD contains three primary components: M-Star Build, M-Star Solve and M-Star Post. M-Star Build is a graphical interface used to prepare models and specify simulation parameters. M-Star Solve uses input files generated from the interface to execute the simulation. M-Star Post renders and plots data generated by the solver.

M-Star GUI

This is the graphical user interface (GUI) component of the software suite. The GUI is used to:

  • Import CAD geometry

  • Generate common geometry

  • Define simulation parameters (fluid type, speeds, physics)

  • Visualize system set-up

  • Export input files for M-Star Solve

M-Star Solve

This is the solver component of the software suite. It reads simulation parameters and executes the simulation. Simulation parameter files are typically generated by M-Star Build, although they are open source text files that can be produced by any text editor. The capabilities of M-Star Solve include:

  • Model Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid flow

  • Model passive and reacting scalar fields

  • Track particle dynamics

  • Predict heat transfer

  • Simulate free-surface dynamics

  • Simulate six degree-of-freedom rigid body mechanics

  • Model systems involving coupled heat transfer, fluid flow, chemical reactions, and/or particle dynamics

  • On-the-fly calculation of relevant engineering output (heat flux, species residence time distribution, surface forces, etc.)

M-Star Post

This is the post-processing component of the software suite. It reads in data generated by the simulation. M-Star Post is used to:

  • Generate snapshots and animations of output slice data

  • Generate snapshots and animations of output volume data

  • Plot time-evolving data from probes, calculators, and boundary conditions

  • Execute user-defined functions

Software License Controls

M-Star CFD uses Reprise License Manager (RLM) to manage software licenses. Information about license operation is contained in this manual for users and system administrators. For further information/support, please refer to the RLM support website

Installation Requirements

Intel or AMD x86-64 processor with four physical cores and 8 GB of RAM and 8 GB of hard disc. NVIDIA graphics processing unit with compute capability 3.5 or greater. All components of M-Star CFD are compatible with both Windows 64-bit and Linux operation systems.

Find the full system requirements here: System Requirements