Output PlaneΒΆ

Output planes are x-,y-, or z-planes used to display the time-evolution of fluid properties across the domain. After defining the direction of the plane, users enter or select a plane position along this direction. For example, if the user chooses to define an x-plane, they will be prompted to select a Mount Point along the x-axis that positions the x-plane. Only points inside the domain can be selected as Mount Points. Users also have the option of declaring planes to be a Particle Screen. A Particle Screen, when used in tandem with particles, automatically computes a heat map describing the frequency at which particles cross the plane.


Enable or disable output variables

Output options include the instantaneous and time-averaged value of:

  • Velocity [m/s]

  • Mean Velocity [m/s]

  • Resolved Strain [1/s]

  • Resolved Kinetic Energy [m^2 / s^2]

  • Vorticity [1/s]

  • Pressure [Pa]

  • Eddy Dissipation Rate [W/kg]

  • Temperature [K] (when thermal field is active)

  • Scalar field concentration (for each scalar field)

  • Viscosity (when modeling non-Newtonian fluids)

Is Particle Screen

Set to true to enable particle screen output for plane.

When active, the solver records the position, velocity, age, originID, diameter, and particleID of all particles crossing the plane. This list is presented as a VTK file, which stores land points and associated particle properties for visualization and data extraction.

Particle Screen Start Time

This is the time in seconds defining when the screen begins to tracking particle crossings. The default is zero.

Particle Screen Stop Time

This is the time in seconds defining when the screen stops tracking particle crossing. The default is -1 which implies the end of the simulation.


Plane intercept value along defined Axis Direction [Template Units]

Axis Dir

Plane normal direction


Enable/disable the visibility of this component