CPU Expressions

Math API

The following is a summary of the available math API.

Input and output to all trig functions are given in radians.

Table 8 Math API

float cos(float)

Cosine trig function.

float sin(float)

Sine trig function.

float tan(float)

Tangent trig function.

float acos(float)

Inverse cosine trig function.

float asin(float)

Inverse sine trig function.

float atan(float)

Inverse tangent trig function.

float atan2(float,float)

Calculates the inverse of the trigonometric function tangent. The input is the y and x proportions. The returned angle is given in radian.

float cosh(float)

Hyperbolic trig function.

float sinh(float)

Hyperbolic trig function.

float tanh(float)

Hyperbolic trig function.

float log(float)

Natural logarithm

float log10(float)

Base 10 log

float pow(float x,float y)

Raises x to the power of y

float sqrt(float)

Square root of input

float ceil(float)

Returns the closest integer that is equal to or higher than the input

float abs(float)

Absolute value

float floor(float)

Returns the closest integer that is equal to or lower than the input

float fraction(float)

Returns the fraction of a number, ie what remains after taking away the integral number

double cos(double)

double sin(double)

double tan(double)

double acos(double)

double asin(double)

double atan(double)

double atan2(double,double)

double cosh(double)

double sinh(double)

double tanh(double)

double log(double)

double log10(double)

double pow(double,double)

double sqrt(double)

double ceil(double)

double abs(double)

double floor(double)

double fraction(double)