Parameter Sweeps

  1. Define your base model for your parameter sweep

  2. Click Workflow -> Parameter Sweep to create a new parameter sweep.

  3. The workflow tab will appear if it was previously unavailable

  4. Go to the workflow tab and click on the Parameter Sweep object

  5. Click More - Add parameter

  6. Select the parameter you want to include in your sweep. Click OK

  7. Click More - Edit sweep table

  8. Edit the parameter sweep table. This form supports copy/paste. You are encouraged to use Excel in another window and copy the data into the form from there for larger parameter sweeps.

  9. Click OK

  10. Save your document

Exporting the sweep

The cases are exported to the directory you choose, with each case in its own sub-directory named after the Case Name you specify on the parameter sweep table. Both the pre-processor document and solver files are saved during this export step.

  • Workflow -> Export Parameter Sweep. Choose a directory where the cases will be exported and saved. Click OK.

Once the cases are exported, you can manually load them into the Queue GUI or process them in your own system.

Running the sweep

  • Workflow -> Run Parameter Sweep. Choose an output directory. Click OK

  • The cases are exported

  • The Queue GUI is opened up with the parameter sweep loaded.

  • See Queue GUI for more information on processing queues.