Run the msi file downloaded from the M-Star CFD Download Portal to install the software. This installation file contains:

  • M-Star Build

  • M-Star Solver

  • M-Star Post Scripts

ParaView (Optional)

M-Star recommends users post-process data generated by M-Star Solve using ParaView. ParaView is a free, open-source post-processing software developed by Kitware, Inc and Los Alamos National Laboratory. M-Star provides scripts, training and support on using ParaView.

Visit the ParaView Download portal to download the latest Windows version of the ParaView software.

The data generated by M-Star Solve takes the form of ASCII text files (for numerical data output) and binary VTI files (for graphics and visualization). ASCII and VTI files are common formats supported by most commercial and open-source scientific visualization packages. Although ParaView is recommended, it is not required to post-processes the output data.

M-Star Post Processing Package

This package contains the following third-party tools necessary to run the reports. Download the most version listed here.

  • M-Star Post Processing Package 1.0.0 Windows 64bit Download

    • ParaView-5.7.0-Windows-Python3.7-msvc2015-64bit

    • Pandoc 2.7.3

    • Ffmpeg 4.2.1